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Rogue Seas is a pirate-themed game where you control a vessel on a quest to find the evil pirate crew that attacked your village. As you progress you’ll find sea monsters, loot-seeking pirates, forgotten relics, other villages, treasure and much more.

Brave the challenges to build yourself a reputation that will echo throughout the seas!

After playing, help us by participating in our research of perceptions: https://goo.gl/forms/bbc73EZ6C...

Install instructions

1- Download and extract the file to any folder.

2- Execute "RogueSeas_DemoV13.exe".


RogueSeas_Demo 60 MB


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Theres like no way to leave the ports? Push "E" to anchor, but then how do you leave? You just get stuck there...

Actually think I figured it out, pushed the map button and then put an x on a different island and it let me go. But the "Hull resistance" upgrade doesn't work at all?